Nekopoi APK

Download NekoPoi APK for Android free of cost. Enjoy thousands of anime videos, fast searching, no ads, no buffering, and easy UX/UI in a single app.

Due to their design, animes always attract everyone, whether young or old. They are fun, and most people like to spend time watching anime movies and such activities. Do you want to contribute your leisure time playing with anime? NekoPoi APK is among the best and highly praised mobile apps for kids, adults, and teenagers. In particular, children have more fun watching and searching for their favorite animes.

  • Name
  • Nekopoi APK
  • Category
  • Entertainment
  • Size
  • 10 MB
  • Developer
  • Last Update
  • Today
  • Android Require
  • 4.1 +
  • Total Downloaded
  • 15M +
  • Ratings
  • 4+
  • Price
  • Free

The app has a limited age group, allowing you to download multiple episodes, join different exciting programs, and much more. Register to the NekoPoi app and enjoy more advanced features of the first-class anime smartphone app.

Do you have any more inquiries? Stay on this blog as it will thoroughly examine NekoPoi anime APK, its features, benefits, downloading procedure, and other essentials. Let’s clarify!

What Is Nekopoi APK

NekoPoi mobile app is a hub of anime and assists users in distinctive ways. It gathers some information from the user for account creation and becomes functional without spending your hard-earned money. A perfect way to spend time with unlimited entertainment on the comprehensive anime app. Available to download on different devices (Android & IOS) with easy compatibility.

NekoPoi APK

Are you curious about what it brings for your kids? It has a complete library of anime, anime movies, videos, online anime series, and anime musical performances. Fabulous app with extensive content for a sizable audience to spend time in exciting and effective ways.

Undoubtedly, people have loved anime for many years (generation to generation). It easily amuses kids, and they will get addicted to this app from the very first day. Offers free and customized access to enjoy ordinary and premium anime material. In short, it will make your spare time fantastic and joyful.

NekoPoi APK Description

It’s wonderful for streaming anime and has tons of anime content. It is a perfect entertaining place for all anime enthusiasts globally. Japanese anime are the most popular, but you can explore the gigantic library to watch what you like. Pick up your most-loved anime, put it into the cart, and enjoy it without limits.

Easy accessibility, simple controls, and updated user interface according to the user’s requirements. The main screen consists of a blank space to search for what you are looking for at that time. Don’t search all the time; it allows you to save your favorite videos and watch them later.

Animes also have different genres, and you will find all kinds of anime content like action, romance, thrill, fantasy, vampire, etc. In our experience, no app matches its interface, video library, easy-to-use functions, and other characteristics. Due to all these reasons, each user has fun with this app if used once.

Do you like colors? Customize the screen, colors, and animes according to your desire. Blow your mind with hundreds of anime characters, multiple colors, and colorful screens that bring a smile to your face while using it. It contains separate content for adults and children, don’t leave without watching.

Recall that it requires a user login to continue to the app. What if you get an option to chat with others? Thanks to the app, users can talk to each other through this app and have a great time chit-chatting. It’s not only for fun but building new connections and relations with people of like mind.

According to the user’s feedback and reviews, it has crossed several million downloads and millions of active users. It’s no secret that it’s the right place to enjoy without restricted content on your smartphone. Get it today and have fun with numerous valuable and customized features.

How To Use NekoPoi – NekoPoi App Working

Exploring NekoPoi APK is unlimited fun as the features and functions will amaze you. A single platform to find all kinds of animated content from one platform. Are you curious about using this app? Let’s explore its working and other aspects.

Hold on and download the NekoPoi app for PC from our provided link. You can get it from third-party resources, but don’t trust all the platforms blindly. Our platform constantly tests APKs on different devices, analyzes the output, and further offers it to the users. You can download it without any fear.

All you need is to open the downloaded app and sign up. Enter your personal email address and other details. It asks you for verification, and after that, you can use it immediately. Yes, it’s all to provide you with a secure platform for entertainment.

Worried about the content? It’s arranged finely in the app by categories, best of, years, and similar tabs. In our opinion, it makes searching for anime content a breeze by saving time and effort.

What Are The Key Features of NekoPoi APK?

It’s challenging to define this app’s characteristics in such a short blog. If you are confused and looking for more clarification before downloading this app, let’s explore the features of NekoPoi APK below:

Watch Anime Online and Offline

The app was developed for Japanese and Indonesians, but after receiving praise, they added more anime content for everyone. Enjoy thousands of anime content online, but what will you do if you are not connected to the internet? Thanks to the developers for allowing you to watch content offline by downloading your favorite anime. With it, you can access it anytime, anywhere, without an active internet connection.

Download Favorite Content

Buffering is a real problem, but you can download your desired content in different resolutions. Remember that it does not provide cloud storage, but the downloaded content is stored in the device’s internal memory to access online or offline.

Several Super-fast Servers

A single server can’t take the heavy lifting; therefore, the NekoPoi officials have multiple online servers for online streaming. Suppose a server is loading for more time; click to switch to another and enjoy without limits. No more loading and buffering issues.

Secure App with PIN Lock

Your security is important, and the developers have done it successfully. While signing up, it requires some information, such as your email address or phone number, to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access. Your favorite and downloaded content is saved under your account details. Furthermore, it has a separate built-in PIN lock, which you can use to log in to this app. It’s helpful when you want to keep the adult content from your kids, as they can’t use this app without your permission.

Updated Content

Some people think the app has a built-in library containing the same content after launch. A big No! The developers research the latest content on the internet all the time and update it in the NekoPoi library. Even if it’s a show or a movie, they update the library regularly, so you always get the updated content.

Categories and Search Options

In actuality, the anime content is well-arranged into specific categories. Sometimes children find it difficult to find their favorite videos. So what to do in such a situation? Don’t worry! It has a built-in search option to find your favorite anime, and it’s super fast and gives you the result a few seconds after entering the name.

Free To Download

Don’t get scammed by unethical resources asking for money. It’s an open-source app and 100% free to use for everyone. No downloading or usage restrictions; download it on as many devices as you want.


Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to search for new events and anime movies. What if you always get notified about it? Nekopoi APK features an all-in-all notification system to update you about events, matches, anime movies, and more. You don’t need to put effort and spend time searching, but get notifications whenever the developers update the library. Yeah, it’s a plus.

User-Friendly Interface

Nowadays, people like the app because it has a more accessible user interface. Developers and businesses always strive to provide simple UX/UI to their users, and we think it’s necessary in this super-fast era. Bravo! The app has a clean and easy-to-use UI/UX. It provides all the required options on the main screen, decreases search time, easy navigation, and more. Yeah, you will feel it a breeze to understand its functionality, even if you are a beginner.

Download Manager

A dedicated downloading manager helps control the downloaded content like videos, images, etc. Allows multiple downloads, super-fast downloading, and media management. Divide the videos into categories or create a separate folder according to your desire; everything is possible with this incredible manager.

Substantial Audio & Video Quality

NekoPoi always focuses on providing the best video and audio quality. The immersive and high-quality sound without lagging makes it a perfect choice for users. No image blurring or video problems; enjoy quality content in high-quality video. Moreover, the app allows users to select video quality according to their connected internet.

Unlimited Scrolling

Bringing back to the point, NekoPoi consists of a vast library of anime content. Therefore, it offers unlimited scrolling for each page with bulk uploaded content. It helps discover more exciting content, easy accessibility, and you will never be able to reach the last page. In our experience, no other apps give the endless scrolling option except NekoPoi. Moreover, the scrolling is faster because of better UX/UI.

No VPN Requirements

The most popular apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix have geo-restricted content. It means a user can’t access the content at certain locations. However, the NekoPoi app does not have geo-restricted content and works without VPN. The server automatically uses VPN in the background to connect you to your favorite content. It also saves your devices from harmful VPN software and saves time.

Kids Mode

Don’t you want to show adult content to your kids? No worries! Activate the kid’s mode to hide the adult content with a click. It’s free to use, and you can hand over the smartphone to your kids by disappearing the sensitive content.

Multiple Languages

The app’s users are spread worldwide; therefore, developers have made it a multi-language app. You can change the app’s language from the app’s settings, and it automatically translates the content into your selected language. So, don’t skip using anime due to the language barrier.

Anti-Ban and Interruption Free

The developers have added an anti-ban feature that users can use without anti-ban issues. It’s entirely safe for use and offers unlimited interruption-free service. No more fogging, rendering, blurring, and such issues. Enjoy unlimited service without risks.

Other Features

  • Virus-free app.
  • Smaller app and only occupies a little space in your device’s local storage.
  • No annoying ads.
  • No bugs and errors.
  • Requires email for registration.
  • Subtitles in different languages.
  • Instant screenshot.
  • Premium content available.
  • And much more.

How To Download NekoPoi APK on Your Smartphone?

Do you want to know how to download, install, and use NekoPoi APK? It’s a straightforward process and does not have aggressive requirements for installation. Read on to download NekoPoi APK on your Android device:

  • Step 1: Confirm that your device meets the minimum requirements for the app.
  • Step 2: Download the latest NekoPoi version from our provided link.
  • Step 3: Using a third-party app installer for quick and easy installation without root is better.
  • Step 4: Install the app and give all the asked app permissions.
  • Step 5: Open the download manager, choose the downloaded NekoPoi app, and click Install.
  • Step 6: Hold on until the installation gets completed.
  • Step 7: After completion, click the Open button and enjoy unlimited anime content free of cost.

Pros of the NekoPoi App


Users from all around the world like NekoPoi due to the following reasons:

  • No third-party VPN is required.
  • No ads, No anti-ban issues, and Free to use.
  • Multiple categories with quick search options.
  • Multi-language content with subtitles.
  • Online and offline availability with a dedicated chat option.
  • Downloading and managing videos to local storage.
  • Notification whenever the content is updated.
  • Secure app with a completely secure PIN login.
  • Kids mode to remove sensitive content for kids.
  • It stops working on some old devices due to compatibility issues.
  • For app upgradation, you will need to visit our website as it does not get updated like an app from Google Play Store.
  • Doesn’t work offline except for the downloaded anime content.

Important Tips To Use NekoPoi APK

Before closing, we want to share important tips to prevent further issues. Remember that the NekoPoi mobile app is unavailable on the Google Play Store like other official apps. However, it’s easy to download from several third-party resources online. All the third-party sources are not trusted and authentic; therefore, give proper care before downloading.

Always get this app from trusted resources such as our blog. During installation, only give necessary permission such as storage, etc. In such a way, you can keep your device safe and enjoy anime videos without issues.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

You can download the app from any third-party resources online. However, our website is safe and provides a NekoPoi smartphone app after testing it for hours on different devices. It doesn’t spy on your phone, collect unnecessary data, and provide all the latest features and content.

The app is unavailable on Google Play Store; therefore, it isn’t updated like other apps. Updating procedure is simple, keep visiting our blog, download the latest file, and install. The app will be updated without eliminating your data.

No, it’s an open-source and free-to-use app for everyone, and it does not offer downloading, installation, or usage limits.

The app is designed to be used for adults and children because both are fans of anime. However, it contains some adult content, sensitive for the kids. You can hide it with the kids mode anytime. So, it’s for everyone.

It contains all kinds of anime data, such as anime videos, shows, movies, and more. Similarly, the genres include romance, action, adventure, bold, etc. In short, you get all the categorical content in a single app.

Wrapping Up

Considering the features, NekoPoi APK is an incredible platform for anime lovers. Watch the latest movies, shoes, and episodes with easy access, or download them for offline entertainment. Keep yourself updated with the new anime content, get the latest notifications, and enjoy chit-chatting with others anywhere in the world. It’s a Japanese app, but now multi-language available has made it suitable for everyone. Get it today; we assure you will never get bored with updated anime content.